Peer reviewed scientific papers and book chapters

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Martinsen, E. S., C. Monahan, L. Burford, P. Wohner, A. Peel, E. Grahame, and C. Foss. First report of avian malaria mortality in Rusty Blackbirds. In Prep.

Neuhaus, A., O. Lane, M. Kneeland, A. Kovach, M. Conway, and E. S. Martinsen. Role of latitude and environmental mercury exposure in driving malaria parasite infection dynamics in an imperiled songbird. Under Revision.

Martinsen, E. S. and S. L. Perkins (2013) The Diversity of Plasmodium and other Haemosporidians: The Intersection of Taxonomy, Phylogenetics, and Genomics.Chapter In Genomics of the Malaria Parasites.  J. Carlton and S. Perkins editors.  Horizon Scientific Press.

Perkins, S., B. Falk, and E. S. Martinsen (2011) Parasite systematics: Do molecules matter more than morphology? Promises and pitfalls in parasites.  Parasitology 138:1664-1674.

Other Publications

McCabe, D. and E. S. Martinsen. 2022. Malaria in Common Loons. Northern Woodlands Magazine.